The mySilvercrest Mobile App is an exclusive app that gives Silvercrest Clients access to all of their insurance information on their tablets & smart phones. In the event of an accident, a step by step form that will guide you to answer all of the necessary information at the scene of an accident. 

  • Policy Access: Mobile access to your vehicle information, coverages and deductibles as well as contact information for Silvercrest.
  • Submit a Claim: Been in an accident? Easy to complete forms gather the right information, recreate the scene of an accident with the Accident Scenario template and submit photos directly to Silvercrest.
  • Change Requests: Change of address or bought a new vehicle? No problem. You can now request changes right in the palm of your hand. 
  • Liability Card: Standing at the registry without an updated pink card? Now you will just be able to pull it up on your smart phone. 


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In Canada, weather events that used to occur every 40 years are now happening every six years.

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